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Ellis Island’s Basque exhibit received one of the annual AASLH awards last Friday in Richmond, Virginia


The entrance to the exhibit at Ellis Island (photo
The entrance to the exhibit at Ellis Island (photo


The exhibit “Hidden in Plain Sight: the Basques” created by the Boise Basque Museum with support from the Basque Government, has received one of the annual prizes awarded by the Association of State and Local History of America (AASLH) in recognition of effort and wonderful reception of the show featuring the Basques and their contribution to the history and reality of the United States. The exhibit, premiered at Ellis Island, New York in February 2010, and then traveled to the Boise Basque Museum. Michael Vogt, curator of the exhibition, received the award last Friday during a ceremony held last Friday in Richmond, Virginia.

Richmond, Virginia.  The exhibit marks one of the most ambitious, and important initiatives, undertaken by the Basque Museum and Cultural Center of Boise.  Having debuted at a landmark such as Ellis Island, called attention to the exhibit right from the start, and to the important contribution made by Basque immigrants to the history and current reality of the US.  Ellis Island served as the port of entry during the 19th and 20th centuries for millions of immigrants to the US.

“Hidden in Plain Sight: the Basques” was made possible thanks to the collaboration of Boise’s Basque Museum and Cultural Center and the Basque Government. It represents a kind of Basque-American calling card that includes its origin, history, culture and distinctive identities and their realities that are articulated through the more than forty Basque centers in several communities throughout the country.

In granting this award, the AASLH wanted to highlight the effort and importance that its reception by the American public has had on a community whose members, as reflected in the title of the show, have contributed and continue today to contribute to the reality of everyday life in America, but often whose presence has gone unnoticed partially because of the Basques non-recognition in Europe as a politically independent nationality.

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