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Donostia’s City Hall, along with the Mara Mara Hizkuntza Zerbitzuak Company have launched a website to help to practice Basque during a presentation yesterday as part of the International Day of Euskera events. The site is called Mintzanet.ent and its goal is to put Basque speakers who would like to practice in touch with each other. The system is simple; you have to register on the site and then it will put you in touch with other participants that you can talk to using Skype. It is a new way to practice Basque while making friends all over the world.

Donostia-San Sebastian.  The Mayor of Donostia, Juan Karlos Izagirre, and the head of the Mara Mara Company, Ritxi Lizartza, were in charge of presenting the website, yesterday, as part of the International Day of Euskera activities celebrated in the Gipuzkoan capital.  As reported at a press conference, Mintzanet.ent was born with the goal of putting people who want to practice Basque in touch with other Basque speakers who may be able to help them.  The system takes advantage of new technologies to provide an opportunity to practice Basque from anywhere in the world, as well as from the Diaspora where there are fewer possibilities to meet a Basque speaker face to face. has two kinds of users: on the one hand the “Bidelariak” who want to practice Basque and on the other, “Bidelagunak” Basque speakers who are willing to help them and to chat with them.  The system puts the two kinds of users in touch so that they can later communicate via Skype (requiring a Skype account and a computer with a webcam).

According to the site’s creators, the internet allows Basques from all over the world to participate and it can also be a fun way to meet new people.



  • MIntzalaguna

    Zuen egitasmoan parte hartzeko prest nauzue. Esadazue zer egin behar dudan nire "trukakideak" aukeratzeko, edo ni aukera nazaten.

    Marijose (Euskal Herria), 03/18/2015 13:19

  • Help me learn Euskera

    Me llamo Mark Molina. Vivo en California, EEUU. Quiero aprender Euskera, pero no hay nadia aqui para ayudarme. Quisiera offerar mis servicios a alguien que tiene interes en aprendiendo o’ placticando Ingles. Tengo un basico nivel de Euskera, pero me falta la platica. Tengo un cuento de Skype, y si es necesario puedo mardar unos copias de mis lesions de mi libro. Tengo experiencia en dando clases de Ingles, y puedo ayudar un estudiente basico o’ advanciado o’, no mas, ayudar alquien en conversasion. Eslerik Asko. My name is Mark Molina. I live in California USA, I am trying to learn Basque, but there is nobody to help me. I would like to offer my services to someone who is interested in learning or practicing conversational English in exchange for helping me with Basque. I have a basic knowledge of Basque, but I need practice. I have a Skype account, and if needed I could send copies of the lessons from the book that I am using. I have previous experience in teaching English, and I could help a beginner or advance student, or just help some practice conversation.

    Mark Molina, 01/10/2013 06:22

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