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Debut in the Diaspora: Christmas Gernika Documentary “Marijesiak 4:00” tomorrow, Sunday, at the Tandil Euskal Etxea


Poster for the debut this Sunday in Tandil, Argentina of the documentary “Marijesiak 4:00” at the Gure Etxea Basque Club
Poster for the debut this Sunday in Tandil, Argentina of the documentary “Marijesiak 4:00” at the Gure Etxea Basque Club


Gernika, Bizkaia. "Marijesiak 4:00” will be shown this Sunday, December 29th in Tandil as the last segment of the 70th anniversary festivities at the local Gure Etxea Basque Club.  The film talks about the ancestral tradition in Gernika of Marijesiak. The film debuted last December 13th in Gernika and since then it has toured through Bilbao (December 19th) Gernika again on the 20tth, Forua on the 23rd, Durango on the 26th and today, the 28th, it will be shown in Baiona.  The showing tomorrow in Tandil, Argentina will be its Diaspora debut.

The documentary (59 minutes) tells the past and present of the tradition in hopes of recuperating, guarding and transmitting this immaterial heritage.  The project was made possible thanks to the support and collaboration of private and public entities and organizations.  In addition to the documentary, the project also includes a cd, booklets, an informative book and the website

Tomorrow’s debut at the Gure Etxea Basque Club in Tandil was made possible thanks to the collaboration of the Basque-Argentine family from Gernika Andraca-Bidaguren.  Organizers in Gernika told, “What a pleasure for us that the documentary debut on the other side of the ocean with our brothers in the Diaspora.  A big Eskerrik Asko to the Andraca-Bidaguren family and everyone who collaborated to make this possible,” they said.

“Marijesiak, or Marijeses is a tradition in the form of a novena that has been preserved since ancient times in Gernika and that today is part of the identity of Gernika natives. In its evolution, this tradition has become a model example from the point of participation of women in traditionally "men's" activities. Through this multimedia project "Marijesiak 4:00 Bederatzi gau hotzetan" we want to value this tradition of intangible culture coinciding with the centenary of the Marijesiak publication by Pedro Bidaguren Garratza in 1919.”

A documentary made by FMK Filmak for Gernikako Marijesiak

Director: Oier Plaza - Gernikako Marijesiak
Script: Iñaki Gonzalez - Oier Plaza
Executive Producer: Joserra Plaza
Production: Gernikako Merijesiak - Eider Plaza
Sound Direction: Daniel Asua - Ager Galarza - Xabier Crespo
Sound Post-Production: Iñigo Etxebarrieta
Documentation: Amagoia Lopez de Larruzea
Montage: Oier Plaza
Images: Kerman Goikouria - Mikel Etxebarria

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