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2019 Basque Diaspora Day: Basque clubs around the world celebrated their roots, effort and projects for the future


Basque mural on Day of the Basque Diaspora 2019 in Medellin, Colombia thanks to the Gure Mendietakoak Basque Club
Basque mural on Day of the Basque Diaspora 2019 in Medellin, Colombia thanks to the Gure Mendietakoak Basque Club


Donostia-San Sebastián. There are few phrases that better express the vocation and determination of the Diasporic phenomenon than “Izan zirelako gara, garelako izango dira,” (Because they were, we will be).  For centuries, Euskal Herria send thousands of explorers, navigators, exiles, men and women leave for a better life, each one with different destinations and motivations, but with something in common: they took with them their language, customs, and culture and the pride to belong to a small country that even from a distance, they chose to remain a part of.

Complementing the aforementioned phase we should add one more phrase, “We don’t live in Euskal Herria, but Euskal Herria lives in us,” that directly links us with the spirit that has endorsed the celebration and institutionalization of the Day of the Basque Diaspora since September 8, 2019.

And it is that chain that was not cut and the seeds planted over centuries that took root and grew so that Euskal Herria lives in the Diaspora thanks to activity and work carried out by Basque clubs on a daily bases, many times quietly, but efficiently and persistently.  On occasions, like yesterday, September 8th, the Day of the Diaspora demonstrates, shines, is shared and celebrated.

Here is the first photo album of the festivities of the second edition of Basque Diaspora Day on  In the coming days, we will continue to add information attempting to share each and every one of the celebrations in order to have an idea of how it was celebrated all over the world.  In this first installment, a couple of videos and the first photo album.

(As always, if you’d like to send us information about celebrations at your club, please do so by emailing

[Video from Laurak Bat in Buenos Aires, celebrating at their clubhouse along with the Ukraine community]

[At Euzko Etxea in Viña del Mar-Valparaisoko, Chilean dance celebrating Euskal Diasporaren Eguna]

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