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Two Oinkari Basque Dancers Marry


Izar and Nicholas leaving St. John's Cathedral.  The couple was married September 1, 2007 at 2 in the afternoon (photo
Izar and Nicholas leaving St. John's Cathedral. The couple was married September 1, 2007 at 2 in the afternoon (photo


When you live in the United States, it isn't common that two young Basques find love and get married. But one Boise Basque couple made it happen. Labor day weekend started with joy and celebration as Nicolas Bicandi and Izar Iribarren-Gorrindo, both members of Boise's Oinkari Basque Dancers got married. The bride is also one of the 'Ahizpak' sisters, known for their artwork and unique Basque jewelry. Nearly 400 members of Boise's Basque Community gathered at St. John's Cathedral to celebrate the marriage of Nicholas and Izar. was among them.
Boise, Idaho, USA. Father Len McMillan celebrated the Catholic Mass and during the ceremony Patxi Kerns, friend of the couple and Oinkari Basque Dancer, performed Ezpata in traditional costume. An American wedding tradition includes the bride and groom each having attendants. Keeping to that tradition each side had four people representing the
couple. The best man was Xanti Alcelay, best friend of the groom. The maid of honor was the bride'

s sister, Maite Iribarren-Gorrindo.


After mass the crowd made it's way to the Basque Center to celebrate. Guests dined on a traditional Basque meal prepared by Flora Aldazabal. After toasts and well wishes, the dancing began. The party went well into the night, as guests danced to American and Basque Music. One Boise Basque tradition that started several years ago, includes former and current Oinkari's performing Zortziko for the couple. The dance was ended with Nicholas dancing for Izar. [Left side picture, Izar and Nicholas standing at the alter of St. John's Cathedral. Father Len McMillan married the couple. Nicholas' best man is his best friend Xanti Alcelay (right). Izar's maid of honor is her sister, Maite Iribarren-Gorrindo (left)



[Nicholas waits at the end of the alter as Izar is walked down the isle by her father Carlos Iribarren, a native of Doneztebe, Navarre



[Patxi Kerns, Oinkari Basque Dancer, performs Ezpata Dantza at St. John's Cathedral. Kern's performed for the couple about the nearly 400 guests in attendance



[Izar and Nicholas dancing to their first dance as a married couple. The wedding reception took place at Boise's Basque Center



[Nearly 400 guests fill the Boise Basque Center for the couple's wedding reception. The guests danced throughout the night to songs in both Basque and English



[A Boise Basque wedding tradition includes current and former dancers performing Zortziko for the bride and groom. Nicholas was the last of the men to dance for Izar who was sitting on the stage watching. Sitting to the right of Izar is her mother-in-law Toni Bicandi. Sitting to her left are several guests]

Nicholas is a third generation Boise Basque. He is currently Vice President of the Oinkari Basque Dancers. Nicholas' family comes from Bizkaia. Izar is a first generation Basque. Her father is from Nafarroa and her mother's family also comes from Nafarroa.

The couple will spend their honeymoon in the Dominican Republic. They will be making their home in Meridian, Idaho.

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