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This afternoon the Basque-American group Amerikanuak launches its first CD “Azkenean!”



It is Basque-American dance music like that played at Basque festivals, dances and picnics in the American West.  It features Basque musicians born in California and Utah who received a musical and cultural tradition inherited from their predecessors including big names as Jimmy Jausoro, Bernardo Yanci, or Pedro Juan Etchamendy.  The group’s name is Amerikanuak and is led by Jean Flesher.  After recording costs have been reimbursed, all profits will then be donated to NABO’s “Aita Tillous Fund” to help Basque-American youth activities. Ongi etorri, Azkenean, eta Zorionak!

Bakersfield, CA.   True to its name, “Azkenean!” (At last), the first CD by the Basque-American group, Amerikanuak is now available for sale in the US and online. It is the first product of the Basque-American group, Amerikanuak comprised of Basques born in Utah and California.  The album includes 20 traditional Basque dance songs with rhythms that begin with a jota/fandango and arin-arin to a waltz, pasadoble, jauziak…all of the songs that the group traditionally plays at Basque dances and events in California, Wyoming, Utah, Nevada, and other western states.  They follow the way of musicians like Jimmy Jausoro from Idaho, Bernardo Yanci in Nevada, or Pedro Juan Etchamendy from California all of which entertained at many Basque festivities in the US Basque Diaspora.

In May the group announced that recording sessions had been completed and that the CD was in postproduction and that the final product would be available soon.  True to their work, the group invited their family, friends and fans to join them at a CD launch party that will begin today, September 1st, at 6pm at the Noriega Hotel in Bakersfield.  The event includes dinner with a party to follow that will include much music and dancing; and above all great Basque-American party atmosphere and much camaraderie.  Copies of the CD will be available for sale and remember after all initial expenses are covered, one hundred percent of the profits will then be donated to NABO’s “Aita Tillous Fund,” dedicated to projects aimed at Basque-American youth.

Zazpi Jauziak is number 18 on the CD

Along with Jean Flesher (accordion and vocals) Amerikanuak is also comprised of Rene Caballero (drums), John Ehlis (mandolin, guitar and banjo), Jean Pierre Etchechury (percussion), Jean-Jules Flesher (alboka, pandero, percussion and vocals), Pierre Igoa (trumpet and vocals), Daniel Iribarren (bass), Christian Iribarren (keyboard and txirula), and Michelle Iturriria (trumpet, sax and vocals). Robert Iriartborde served as sound engineer with the graphic design also being credited to Pierre Igoa.  

The CD includes:

1. Andre Madalen
Nevadarat Joan Nintzan
3. España Cañi
4. Jostari Buru
5. Garaziko Dantzak
6. Xalbadorren Heriotzean
7. Xarmegarria Zira
8. Hey Baby Que Paso
9. Lantzeko Ihotiak
Besame Mucho
11. Kinkiri Kunkuru
12. Behin Batean Loiolan
13. Beer Barrel Polka
Cuban Pete
15. Urte Batez
16. Basco Eyes
17. Fiestas De San Fermin
18. Zazpi Jauziak
19. Recuerdo Du Pays Basque
20. Agur Jaunak

-You can listen, purchase and download the CD here

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