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The txiki dantzaris from Ibaiko Izarra in Concordia debuted at the show of the Collectivities Gastronomic Festival


Txikis from Ibaiko Izarra in Concordia during their debut
Txikis from Ibaiko Izarra in Concordia during their debut


The festival was held last Sunday and gathered two dozen communities in the Bicentennial pedestrian area in Concordia, Argentine province of Entre Rios.  The local club, Ibaiko Izarra, member of the Association of United Immigrants, was part of the festivities with both food and a dance performance. The latter featuring the presentation of the txiki dantzaris.

Concordia, Argentina.   The Provincial Immigrant Festival that is held annually in Concordia, in the province of Entre Rios, is not only important locally, but also has an interesting history.  This year’s event celebrated its 25th anniversary and the Association of United Immigrants, plans a series of festivities throughout the year.

The first of these took place on June 3rd at the Bicentennial pedestrian area (Plaza 25 de Mayo). More than 20 communities exhibited their typical dishes and also performed.

The Ibaiko Izarra Basque Club presented a successful dish: txorizo in cider and paella.  Euskal Herria was also represented in dances performed by the club’s Gazte Lurra dancers.

The adult dancers directed by Patxi Etchevers and Susana Cook performed “Arku Dantza” and “Almute.”

The txikis, directed by Cecilia Berezaga and Juliana Iriarte made their debut performing “Axuri beltza, “Marmutx,” and “Orbaizeta.”

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