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The new Cultural Center was inaugurated and the remains of Florencio Constantino rest sheltered by the Ikurriña


The Florencio Constantino Cultural Center was re-inaugurated on November 21 (photo EE)
The Florencio Constantino Cultural Center was re-inaugurated on November 21 (photo EE)


As announced on, an important tribute took place in Bragado, Argentina from November 21-25, to the tenor Florencio Constantino (1889-1919). Among the centennial events of the theater that bears his name, it should be noted that the building was re-inaugurated as a cultural center and that the singer’s remains were relocated to the mausoleum constructed for the occasion. The commemoration, that gathered authorities from the Basque Country and Argentina, involved the entire community. The local Danak Anaiak Basque club was also in involved in the celebration and was one of those in charge of relocating Constantino’s remains that are now sheltered by the Basque and Argentine flags.

Bragado, Argentina. The five-day long program started last November 21 with the inauguration ceremony of the Florencio Constantino Cultural Center in the city of Bragado.  The activities took place according to schedule except for the video conference by Argentinean President, Cristina Fernandez, had to be cancelled.  In any case, and as reported by the daily, La Voz de Bragado, “Finally the colossus (Constantino Theater) stood up and it was re-inaugurated…with many citizens in attendance that saw their dream come true: the theater back on its feet that in 1979 began to deteriorate, but little by little the various governments that passed through our city did something so that our dream could become reality. (…) The inauguration ceremony was beautiful and included emotional moments and we all now enjoy again the Florencio Constantino Cultural Center.”

Inauguracion teatro Florencio Constantino 2012 01

[A rich program of activities took place to re-inaugurate the Theater into the Florencio Constantino Cultural Center.  Some of the events took place in front of the building and others inside.  Seen here, current Mayor Aldo San Pedro, along with his predecessor Ricardo Vicente Ienco cutting the ribbon.  Also visible are the people who gathered for the event, the plaque in honor of Constatnino and one of the shows that took place in the new Cultural Center (photos daily La Voz de Bragado)]

Inauguracion teatro Florencio Constantino 2012 02

[Among the works performed on the stage of the new Cultural Center worth mentioning is entitled, “The Voice of a Man with the Heart of the People.” Based on the life of the Basque musician, written and directed by Felipe Amado (photos daily La Voz de Bragado)]

Inauguracion teatro Florencio Constantino 2012 03

[Also as part of the inauguration Constantino’s remains were relocated from the cemetery to the new Mausoleum.  The cortege was accompanied by the mayor of Ortuella, Oskar Martinez; representatives of the Basque Government  Delegation in Argentina; the Mayor of Bragado, aldo San Pedro; and Florencio’s grandniece, Rosa Prado, who came from Bilbao especially for the occasion (photos daily La Voz de Bragado)]

Inauguracion teatro Florencio Constantino 2012 04

[On Sunday there was also a performance by the Municipal Band, ‘Enrique P. Maroni’ directed by Professor Jorge Fronti, accompanied by bands from the cities of Gral. Pinto, Gral. Viamonte, and Chacabuco.  The recital took place in one of the Cultural Centers Halls. (photo Basque Delegation)]

Inauguracion teatro Florencio Constantino 2012 05

[The tenor’s grandniece received a copy of the key to the Mausoleum.  In the photo, Rosa Prado and the Mayor of Ortuella, Oskar Martinez (photo Basque Delegation)]

Inauguracion teatro Florencio Constantino 2012 06 

 [Oskar Martinez, and Aldo San Pedro pose along with the sculpture “Arte Participativo Espíritu de Acero.” This work was the combined work of people of the city directed by the sculptor, Fernando Iglesias Molli (photo Basque Delegation)]

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