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The Euzko Etxea in La Plata publishes the second issue of 2019 of its quarterly magazine Eguzkia: Take a look!


Number 6 of the Quarterly Magazine “Eguzkia” from the Euzko Etxea in La Plata, the second this year
Number 6 of the Quarterly Magazine “Eguzkia” from the Euzko Etxea in La Plata, the second this year


La Plata, Argentina. An editorial on San Fermin leads the latest issue of the quarterly magazine Eguzkia (Sun) published by the Euzko Etxea in La Plata.  This second issue of 2019 is the sixth since the beginning of last year when the club recovered this historical header.  Last issues editorial reminds readers that the Euzko Etxea in La Plata will celebrate San Fermin this Sunday, July 14th with a program that includes mass at the Church of Guadalupe, followed by a txupinazo by the club’s president and mayor, food, dance performances and a public dance.

This new issue of Eguzkia includes, as usual, information on club events over the last few months, including the celebration of the club’s 75th anniversary with a meal that was also attended by Gorka Alvarez Aranburu, Director of the Basque Community Abroad, and Sara Pagola, Delegate of Euskadi in Argentina-Mercosur.  Along with these, there are several more articles and information in its 30 pages.  Check it out!

Some of the articles are:

-What Unites Us (José J. Saldías)
-Alubias from Tolosa (María Fernanda Astigarraga)
-Bask Identity (Luis Lúquez Minaberrigaray)
-The Church and Nationalism (Marcelo Ilarregui)
-Kinship Relations (Herminia Navarro eta Estefanía Garizoain)
-Global Warming (Guillermo L, Villate)
-Basque Medieval Plays (Magdalena Mignaburu)
-The Oasis (Susana Aramburu)

-You can read or download number 6 of Eguzkia here
-All the latest issues of Eguzkia, here

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