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The Delegation of Euskadi in Argentina-Mercosur provides Basque clubs with a catalogue of films and documentaries


Catalog of films and documentaries made available to Basque clubs
Catalog of films and documentaries made available to Basque clubs


The catalog, created by the Delegation of Euskadi in Argentina-Mercosur, with the collaboration of the Basque TV (ETB), is divided into two categories: Films, and Documentaries - Reports.  The material can be requested by clubs through a formal request that specifies the title of interest and when it will be aired.  

Buenos Aires, Argentina.   There are more and more Basque clubs that want to host Basque film series, not just because of something new to do, but also because it allows the clubs to open their doors, and attract a new audience while spreading the Basque culture.

That is why, and in hopes of responding to the constant demand of the clubs, the Delegation of Euskadi in Argentina-Mercosur, with the collaboration of ETB and Canal Vasco, have created a catalog of audiovisual material with some 120 titles, with the intention of communicating with he Basque community in Argentina and the rest of Mercosur, videos that have been aired on Basque TV over the last few years.  The catalog is comprised of two parts, films and documentaries-reports, with topics as varied as politics, art, history, sports, cities, Euskera, cooking, festivals, traditions, religion, geography, style, music and emigration.

The Delegation told that they have permission to reproduce all of the videos, as long as it is done for Basque clubs.  In order to use the material, the club requesting it has to comply with the following:

1. The Basque clubs will have to email the delegation via email an application indicating which videos are concerned
2. The videos will be made available for Basque centers at the Basque Country's delegation in Buenos Aires
3. Regarding screenings: a. to be able to show the videos, the Basque Center must have a space appropriate for this purpose. b. should be publicized among members of the Basque Center as well as others the date and place of screenings. c. promote the debate before and after, allowing sessions to acquire the character of a Film Forum. d. since it's a non-profit activity, admission should be free. e screenings will always take place as part of the club’s activities, either at its headquarters or at another area suitable for this purpose

4. After the screening, the Basque Club will have to complete the tracking form and send it to the delegation and inform how the event went.


The catalog can be downloaded here. Request form and tracking form (see here) should be sent to:

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