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The Corpus Christi Basque Club announces its “10th Amazing Stories” contest as well as the publication of three anthologies


Some of the participants at the 2017 Basque-Argentine-Guarani cultural Festival organized by the Corpus Christi Basque Club (photoEE)
Some of the participants at the 2017 Basque-Argentine-Guarani cultural Festival organized by the Corpus Christi Basque Club (photoEE)


The theme of the tenth edition of the “Amazing Stories” Contest is “Unforgettable Stories” and the deadline to submit works is May 31st.  The texts can be presented in Guaraní, Basque or Spanish, and there is only one category: short stories.  Along with this news the Eusko Etxea also announced the upcoming publication of three anthologies that will include submissions received over the 10 years of the contest.

Corpus Christi, Argentina.   In 2018, the Atahualpa Yupanqui Library at Eusko Etxea in Corpus Christi not only celebrates the 10th year of the literary contest “Amazing Stories,” but also the initiative that began last year, doing so in three languages.  

The contest is aimed at individuals who are 18 years old as of May 31st, who can write in Spanish, Basque or Guarani.  Contest rules follow:  

-Theme: “Unforgettable Stories.” The work should be unpublished and the title should not be the same as the contest’s theme.

-Presentation: The story should not exceed three pages (letter sized 8.5 x 11) font Arial, size 12, spacing1.5.

-Submissions: From now until May 31, 2018, works can be sent via email to: This email should include two attachments: one with the story and a pen name, and in the other, the author’s information, including the title of the work, pen name, author’s first and last name, birthday and ID number, mailing address and email.

-Jury: is comprised by three people, suitable for each of the three languages who will meet in June.  The jury will be announced at the end of the contest.

-Prizes: The five best stories in each language will receive a book and a certificate.  There will also be special mention given to the top 10 stories in order of merit, which will also receive a certificate.  Presentations of awards will take place at the Atahualpa Yupanqui Public Library on Saturday, July 28th at 10am, as part of the 2018 Basque-Argentine-Guarani Cultural Festival.

The Corpus Christi Basque Club reserves the right to keep the winning stories in the library, for use by its readers, and for to various ends: library use, publication, or potential inclusion in future anthologies.


Eusko Etxea also announced that in the year of the 10th anniversary of the literary contest, and as part of the work done by the Atahualpa Yupanqui Library, librarians Olga Leiciaga and Ana Maria Macchi Echague are working on compiling stories submitted over the last ten years in hopes of publish a series of anthologies.  Club president, Olga Leiciaga said that “after compiling them all in a book format, in word, we hope to publish it by March.  To date, we have three books with their respective covers and we are still working ontow more that will be published in 2019.”

One of the anthologies includes stories, both awarded and not, concerning Basque themes by various authors in different places who have participated in the “Amazing Stories” contest, or contests at other Basque clubs.  The name of the book is: Stories from Here and There.

The second anthology is made up of awarded texts from the “Amazing Stories,” contest from the 2013 and 2014: the last will include the winners from 2015 and 2016.  According to Leiciaga, “Until now we have published the stories from 2010, 2011, and 2012, and due to economic reasons, we weren’t able to continue.  This has created a debt to our writers as well as to those who enjoy this fantasy literature.  We have now decided to face this task with renewed vigor.  We have asked for a quote from a well-known publisher among us and we know that with some effort, we will make it happen. We still have to prepare two more anthologies for 2019, one on stories about the missionaries, and another from the winners of the 2017 and 2018 contests,” she added.

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