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The “Amalur,” group at the Chivilcoy Basque Club and Basque chefs from La Plata prepared “Tolosako babarrunak” for 60 people


Sukaldari from La Plata along with members of Amalur
Sukaldari from La Plata along with members of Amalur


Chivilcoy, Argentina. The Beti Aurrera Basque Club in Chivilcoy is a very active institution with cultural, artistic and recreational activities all year long.  However, this last weekend was marked by two unique events.  On Sunday they welcomed a visit by Cesar and Andoni Etcheverry from the Euzko Etxea in La Plata who along with local sukaldaris from the Amalur group prepared the winning recipe in the 2018 contest “Flavors of Berisso,” Tolosako Babarrunak (Tolosa beans). “They were two days of intense preparations and shared learning that resulted in a delicious and rich dish that they hope to repeat,” the cooks said.

The other activity this weekend was the first Basque dance class aimed at the community.  Workshops with both practice and theory began early Saturday morning and extended through the afternoon, with the intermediate groups.  The class was taught by Micaela Trusso, a former club dancers, who also participated in the 2018 Gaztemundu program on traditional dance.

The club also said that they are getting ready for San Juan that will include, as every year, a bonfire to burn dolls created by the txikis.  The event will take place on June 23rd beginning at 3pm in front of the club.  There will be dancing, invited artists and refreshments.

More club news here: Chivilcoy Beti Aurrera.

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