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Santo Tomas celebrations have made their way to New York, thanks to the Eusko Etxea


Txistorra, a traditional treat on the feast of Saint Thomas
Txistorra, a traditional treat on the feast of Saint Thomas


On December 21st the feast of Santo Tomas (Saint Thomas) will be celebrated throughout the Basque Country and in places like Donostia and Bilbao thousands will dress in traditional clothing and enjoy traditional dishes like pintxos or taloa with txistorra. The feast is also celebrated in the Diaspora in places like Barcelona, Madrid…and this year also in New York. The festivities in the Big Apple will take place on this Saturday, at the Basque club, that will also include a visit from the Olentzero with gifts for the younger set.

New York, NY.  New York’s Basque club will celebrate Santo Tomas tomorrow as well as welcome the Olentzero, rounding out this year’s activities.  The event starts at 16:00 in Brooklyn at the clubhouse, and attendees are encouraged to dress in traditional Basque clothing to liven up the atmosphere. 

Festivities will begin with a Santo Tomas fair, just like in the Basque Country: there will be booths with taloa, cider, wine, sandwiches and txistorra that attendees can visit while tasting all of the products. 

During the evening carols will be sung while the little ones await the star of the show, the Olentzero, who will come loaded with gifts.  He should arrive around 18:00.  Anyone who wishes to attend should RSVP to Jon Cerezal ( or Maria Kontel if you are brining kids (to have an idea for the gifts):

At Barcelona’s Euskal Etxea Santo Tomas will also be celebrated tomorrow at 18:00.  There will be drinks through the streets of the Ribera neighborhood with txistularis, trikitilaris, dantzaris and txalapartaris, ending at the txoko for a txistorra and cider tasting.  Cheers!


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