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Modified San Inazio Basque Festivities this weekend in Boise, without any activities in the Basque Block


This year there won’t be any San Inazio festivities on Boise’s Basque Block (archive photo)
This year there won’t be any San Inazio festivities on Boise’s Basque Block (archive photo)


Boise, Idaho, USA. This weekend is the feast of Saint Ignatius, San Inazio, the patron saint of Basques in Boise.  But the Basque club preferred to play it safe and save its usual festivities for next year, and so there won’t be any dances, or events in the Basque Block.  The festivities will include just three events a Pintxo-Pote, not in the Basque Block; San Inazio procession and Mass; and the picnic in the park for club members only. For anyone unable to attend, Aita Antton will celebrate mass online on Sunday (see more below).

Friday, July 30th

From 4pm-8pm, thanks to the Basque Museum there will be a Pintxo-pote at the Jump Share Studio (1000 W Myrtle Street). There will be a pintxo tasting and demonstrations on how to make them.  Children’s activities, a bar, and entertainment for the whole family.  The event is free and open to the public.

Saturday, July 31st

Feast of Saint Igantius, born in Loiola in the Basque Country.  he is the Patron saint of Bizkaia and Gipuzkoa.  As every year, Mass celebrated at St. Mark’s Catholic Church (7960 W. Northview St., Boise), with the procession of dantzaris and liturgical dances performed by the Boise Oñati Dantza Taldea.  The traditional San Inazio March will be sung.  Please wear a mask and observe current pandemic protocols.

Sunday, August 1st

From 11am-4pm annual picnic for members of the Boise Euzkaldunak Basque Club in the Kristin Armstrong Municipal Park.  Not open to the public.

Sunday, Online San Ignacio Mass

For those who can’t attend mass in Boise, they are invited to attend mass online celebrated by Aita Antton Egiguren remembering the Idaho Basque community and San Inazio.  Mass will begin at 8:30am (PST) and 9:30am (MST) and at 12:30pm in Buenos Aires and 5:30pm in the Basque Country.  It is livestreamed here beginning at the indicated time thanks to Artzai Ona the Basque Catholic Association in the United States.  The missal including readings and songs is also provided including the San Ignacio March.

Those who have passed away during the last year will be especially remembered at this mass:

-Kimberly Arrubarrena (1972-2020)
-Toni Achabal (1939-2020)
-James Chisnhall Anderson (1926-2021)
-Maria Teodora Aseguinolaza (? -2021)
-Juanita Onaindia Abaunza
-Justin Anchustegui (1960-2021)
-Melvin "Mel" Wayne Bengoechea
-Ruth Bicandi (1955-2020)
-Mari Carmen Bidaburu (1930-2020)
-Garrett Bumgardner (2003-2021)
-Marvin Clausen (1924-2021)
-Denise Finely (1963-2021)
-Mark Charles (Soloaga) Friberg (1970-2020)
-Benedicto Goitiandia (1933-2021)
-Cecil Jayo (1925-2021)
-David K. Lachiondo (1947-2020)
-Sabin Landaluce JR (1949-2021)
-Francisca Hormaechea Lejardi (1927-2021)
-Gary Raymonf Murgoitio (1953-2021)
-Eloise Ciarsolo Parker (1953-2021)
-Rosanne Marie Sarriugarte Schodde (1953-2021)
-David (Bideganeta) Terrell (1961-2021)
-Richard Domingo Uberuaga (1950-2021)
-John Ugarriza (1938-2021)
-Vicki Aguirre (1955-2020)
-Lois Soloaga-Rush (1947-2021)
-Lazaro Urquiaga (1943-2021)

Goian Beude - Rest in Peace

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