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Lucia Igarzabal, 2011 Gaztemundu participant, is the new president of the Guillermo Larregui Basque Club in Chacabuco


The new board of directors of the Guillermo Larregui Basque Club in Chacabuco
The new board of directors of the Guillermo Larregui Basque Club in Chacabuco


Chacabuco, Argentina. At its 2021 General Assembly, Lucia Igarzabal took over the leadership of the Guillermo Larregui Basque Club from Bernardo Indaburu, who has served as the club’s president for two terms since 2016. The new president, daughter of one of the club’s founding members, has a long career on the club’s board of directors, and in 2011, she participated in the Gaztemundu program that focused on “Management and Organization of Cultural Club.”

Besides serving on the club’s board, Lucia Igarzabal also cooks with the “Emakumes” of the club for gastronomic activities as well as teaching “sukaldaritza” to the club’s children as a special part of their Basque dance practices.

Novelties in 2021

Thanks to the new board of directors, members of the Guillermo Larregui Basque Club will work on converting space in the clubhouse to become a “txoko” “a space that will function like “elkarteak” do in Euskal Herria,” Pablo Pavesa, club spokesperson, told

In regards to the current health situation, which is far from improving and has worsened in recent days in Argentina, the Euskal Etxea will look at the possibility of carrying out some its gastronomic activities and include home delivery.

The Guillermo Larregui Basque Club also told how proud they are because in 2021, the Basque club is being the site for the City’s Deliberative Council meetings, while their facilities are undergoing renovations.

Remember that at the end of 2019, the headquarters of the Euskal Etxea was the scene of the official swearing in of authorities after the national elections on October 27th.

The new board is comprised by the following:

Lehendakari: Lucía Igarzábal
Vice-lehendakari-Lehendakariorde: Romina Arostegui
Secretary: Eliana Domench
Pro-secretary: Elvira Guruceaga
Treasurer: Juan Cruz Zubeldía
Pro-treasurer: Aníbal Izurieta
1st Director: Heber Rodríguez
2nd Director: Agustín Igarzábal
1st Alternate: Sofía Pavese
2nd Alternate: María José Tillet

Committee of Auditors:

1st Member: Élida Zubeldía
2nd Member: Cristina Jaca
3rd Member: Olga Ortega
1st Alternate: Martín Echave
2nd Alternate: Yesica Garmendia

Zorionak, taldea!

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