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Lorea Palacios: “The Basque club should open its doors to anyone seeking to add their experiences and traditions”


Lorea Palacios Urquiola, head of the new board of directors at the Euskal Etxea in Mexico City
Lorea Palacios Urquiola, head of the new board of directors at the Euskal Etxea in Mexico City


Recently elected Basque club president in Mexico City, Lorea Palacios Urquiola spoke to about her projects and the future of the Basque club in Mexico City as well as about the challenges it faces.  “We should invest in our youth that we have lost and who are so hard to attract when you are in the middle of a city full of cultural offerings, as well as competitive cuisine.  It is also important to recuperate members who have quit coming,” she says. 

Mexico City, Mexico.  The Basque club in Mexico held its annual general assembly last Saturday where it elected its new board.  The outgoing board includes Josu de Garritz (president) Lorea Palacios (secretary) and Julen de Garritz (treasurer), with Lorea Palacios now assuming the position of president.

Her new team also includes Gotzon Uribe, Itziar Urquiola, Maite Gracia and Agustin Palacios and she explained that they will work in small committees and supporting groups for specific events.  She also included that anyone who wishes to become involved will be welcomed.

Love within

During the meeting, the outgoing president Josu de Garritz reminded the members “it is something that has to come from within, members have to give to the Basque club, and should want to support it.  The members have to understand that besides paying their membership, they also have love the t-shirt, care for the club.  Try, do and contribute.”

Lorea Palacios, thanked the members for their vote of confidence, and recognized her unconditionally and asked for their support her by expressing their empathy and care for the Basque club to their children, grandchildren, nieces/nephews, family members and friends.  “The only way we can concretize new events and projects is by being united and present,” she said.

This year’s projects

The new president stressed the importance of “proper promotion and diffusion, which requires a boost in their presence on social media,” but in addition, she reflected that “The Basque club in Mexico should open its doors to anyone who wishes to add their experiences, knowledges and traditions.”

Among the projects being considered for the coming years are traditional events like the Tamborrada, San Fermin or Baztango Eguna, and new events like gourmet markets, Thursday Pintxo-Potes, karaoke nights, concerts, movie-club, group dancing, family day, workshops on cooking, bertsos and much more.

Palacios takes on the challenge of the presidency, after eight years participating on the board with “a genuine commitment to contribute and to add to a place that she considers as her second home.” Zorte on eta aurrera!

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