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Ibaiko Izarra provided Basque rhythm in the video “United Immigrants of Concordia,” for International Dance Day


The neskak of the Gazte Lurra dance group performed “Arku Dantza,” for the Day of the Dantzari video
The neskak of the Gazte Lurra dance group performed “Arku Dantza,” for the Day of the Dantzari video


Concordia, Argentina. The Basque community in Concordia at the Ibaiko Izarra Basque Club has strong ties with the community.  During the year it participates actively in events organized by the City and the United Immigrant Association in Concordia, normally in person, however, due to the pandemic, this year their participation has been virtual.

On April 29th, the group that includes the local foreign communities celebrated International Dance Day and some of the neskak from the Gazte Lurra dance group performed a fragment of “Arku Dantza,” to be part of the mosaic in a video that the Association published on its social media as seen here.

This collaboration and interaction between the club and the community was also evident in recent weeks when tin the days before the anniversary of the Bombing of Gernika, the College at Nuestra Señora de los Ángeles (Colegio Capuchinos) asked the club for a copy of the “Guernica,” by Picasso to use in its classes.

Club sources reported that “Elisa d’Amico, a teacher at the college taught classes about Pablo Picasso using this work as a base, and not only used the symbolism of it, but also gave a voice to our history and what happened in Gernika on April 26, 1937.”

The Concordia Basque club, like many other Basque clubs in Argentina and the world has been able to strengthen its virtual activity since March of last year.  However, after a year of no in person activity, in April of 2021, and in compliance with the COVID-19 protocol, the dance group has resumed in person rehearsals at the clubhouse every Saturday at 5:30pm.

Ibaiko Izarra on Facebook, Ibaiko Izarra Basque Club in Concordia

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