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Gorka Alvarez and Sara Pagola’s tour of Basque clubs in the south of the Province of Buenos Aires concludes successfully


Gorka Alvarez and Sara Pagola with members of the Euskal Etxea in Olavarria
Gorka Alvarez and Sara Pagola with members of the Euskal Etxea in Olavarria


Buenos Aires, Argentina. The Director of the Basque Community Abroad, Gorka Alvarez Aranburu, arrived in Argentina on Saturday May 11th.  He along with the Delegate of Euskadi in Argentina-Mercosur, Sara Pagola and the person in charge of Institutional Relations of the Delegation, Mariana Satostegui, participated in various events including a visit to the Laurak Bat Basque Club, FEVA’s General Assembly, and a ceremony to mark the Centennial of the Tree of Gernika in the Juan de Garay Plaza.  They also participated in “Buenos Aires Celebrates the Basque Country” on Sunday.

Following the event, the Basque delegation began an intense program of visits of Basque clubs in the southern part of the Province of Buenos Aires.  The tour included visits to Basque clubs in Las Flores, Azul, Rauch, Olavarría, Tandil and Bahía Blanca. In fact Union Vasca in Bahia Blanca will host the Semana Nacional Vasca 2019 November 4-10th coinciding with the club’s 120th Anniversary

Before concluding the tour, the representatives from the Basque Government made a final stop in the capital cityof the Province of Buenos Aires to share in the 75th anniversary celebration of the Euzko Etxea in La Plata.

At every stop the delegation was welcomed by club members as well as members of the boards of directors of the clubs, as well as by representatives of local organism, governmental as well as in some cases by educational institutions.  The tour was also covered by the local and regional media.

Photos from the trip on the Delegation’s Facebook page: Delegación de Euskadi en Argentina-Mercosur.

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