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Do you know about Boga, the US academic Basque journal in English? Coordinated by John Ysursa and available online


Covers of the last four Issues of the Basque Studies journal in English “Boga”
Covers of the last four Issues of the Basque Studies journal in English “Boga”


Boise, Idaho, USA. The Basque-American Academic Journal, “Boga,” has reached its eighth year at the Basque Studies Consortium, with Dr. John Ysursa serving as its principal editor.  “Boga,” took over in 2013 from the Journal of Basque Studies in America published since the 80s by the Society of Basque Studies n America, also with Ysursa serving as its editor in its later years.

“Boga,” is published at Boise State University in Boise and chooses articles in English about Euskera, the Basque culture and Basque studies in general with a special emphasis on o those related to the Basque Diaspora in the US and the world.

The latest issue includes the following articles:

Issue 8 (2020) (here)

-The Canonization of Carmen: Reflections on a Basque Pastorale, by William A. Douglass (pdf)
-Meta-Fiction, Parody, and The [Basque] Apocalypse Revealed to All, by Larraitz Ariznabarreta (pdf)
-The Basques of New Orleans, by Koldo San Sebastian (pdf)

Issue 7 (2019) (here)

-Silence and Invisibility as Weapons of Hegemonic Nationalism in Fernando Aramburu's Patria, by Olga Bezhanova (pdf)
-Basque Radical Rock: The Punk Ethos in Basque Identity, by Edurne Arostegui (pdf)
-Size Matters: The Values Behind Basque Food, Font and Semiotics, by Kerri Lesh (pdf)

Issue 6 (2018) (here)

-Reconciling the Places Where We Live with the Spaces We Inhabit: Construction of a Communicative Space for Basque Based on a Local Media Network, by Eneko Bidegain, Aitor Zuberogoitia and Txema Egaña (pdf)
-Ethnic Identity Formation Among Basque-American Adolescents, by Catherine M. Petrissans (pdf)
-The Basques in Idaho, by John Patrick 'Pat' Bieter (pdf)

Issue 5 (2017) (here)

-The Main Challenges to 21st-century Business Administration: The Management of People and Knowledge. The ner Group case, by María Alvarez Sainz and Kepa Xabier Apellaniz (pdf)
-Subject — Not Only Object — of Study: Basque Studies, by Aitor Anduaga (pdf)
-Face to Face: Painting Basque Identity in the Diaspora, by Zoe Bray (pdf)
-Vizcaínos: The Scourge of the Empire and Uncomfortable Identities, by Juan Gil-Osle (pdf)
-Assessing Udaleku 2013: The Effects of Gender, Age, Family, and Community on Basque Youth Skills, Interest, Identity and Pride, by Catherine M. Petrissans (pdf)

Issue 4 (2016) (here)

-Calculating Ethnicity Through the U.S. Census: The Basque Case, by William A. Douglass (pdf)
-The Bertsolariak Championship as Competitive Game and Deep Play, by Jexux Larrañaga Arriola (pdf)
-Euskadi-bulletinen: Swedish Solidarity with the Basque Independence Movement During the 1970's, by Joakim Lilljegren (pdf)
-Features: USAC - 33+ Years of Learning in the Basque Country (pdf)
-Features: Armintxe Basque Cave Artwork: The Latest Find (pdf)

Issue 3 (2015) (here)

-The Sun Also Sets, by William A. Douglass (pdf)
-Basque Studies and the Basque Academic Diaspora, by Iñaki Goirizelaia (pdf)
-The International Location of Basque Studies, by Mari Jose Olaziregi (pdf)
-Features Looking back: Photographic essay of the “Joan-Etorri” Basque Studies Symposium (pdf)
-Features Looking back: The Boise – Oñati Study Abroad Program, 1974-75 (pdf)
-Features Looking back: Publication of a Seminal Book in Basque Studies Amerikanuak: Basques in the New World (pdf)

Issue 2-2 (2014 October) (here)

-Basque Scholar Feature: Jon Bilbao (pdf)
-(En)gendering Basque Culture: Musical Notes from the Archives, by Begoña Echeverria (pdf)
-The Case for a Modern Euskara: Proposed Structural Changes to Euskara Batua, by Ambrose Goikoetxea (pdf)
-The Emotional Making of the Basque Working Class, by Sara Hidalgo (pdf)
-Basque Archive Feature: Joe Eiguren, English-Basque / Basque-English Dictionary (pdf)

Issue 2-1 (2014 April) (here)

-Eskaintza-Dedication (pdf)
-Basque Scholar Feature: Oscar Alvarez Gila, PhD (pdf)
-Production of Heritage: The Basque Block in Boise, Idaho, by Gretchen Hill (pdf)
-Bringing 'New Wind' to the Rural Interior of the French Basque Country: The Association 'Haize Berri' and the Politics of Culture, by Zoe Bray PhD (pdf)
-Between Trade, Religion and Ethnicity: The Catholic Church's Ethnic Institutions in the Spanish Empire, 16th-19th Centuries, by Oscar Alvarez Gila PhD and Alberto Angulo Morales PhD (pdf)
-Basque Archive Feature: Classics Series from the Center for Basque Studies, University of Nevada, Reno (pdf)

1. Issue (2013) (in its entirety)

-Eskaintza-Dedication (pdf)
-Basque Scholar Feature: William A. Douglass, Ph.D. (pdf)
-Borges and the Basques: Notes on Reading an Invisible Literature, by David Laraway (pdf)
-External Projection of the Basque Language and Culture: The Etxepare Basque Institute and a Range of Public Paradiplomacy, by Sho Hagio (pdf)
-Basque Immigration in the United States, by William A. Douglass (pdf)
-Basque Archive Feature: Nor-Nun and Boise State University's Special Collections and Archives (pdf)

-To subscribe:

The deadline for receiving articles for the next issue has been extended. If you or anyone around you would like to submit an article for consideration you can do so here.
Jaialdi is now scheduled for the end of July 2021, in Boise. In the case that it doesn’t take place, the Symposium will still be held, virtually, via Zoom. Dates: July 29th and 30th.

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