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Counting the hours until BAC! The 9th edition of the festival will begin on Sunday at noon; read the updated program


BAC 2019
BAC 2019


Buenos Aires, Argentina. The festival known as “Buenos Aires Celebrates – BAC” is a celebration in the city of Buenos Aires where the locals pay tribute to foreign communities.  In the case of the Basque community, the event has expanded greatly and Basque clubs from all over the country gather on the Avenida de Mayo to form the most complete postcard of the culture of Euskal Herria that lives and palpitates in Argentina.

This Sunday, for the 9th year in a row, the festival "Buenos Aires Celebrates the Basque Country" will begin at noon and for six hours will provide a Great variety of proposals: approximately three hundred dantzaris will dance on the stage and in the street, and will also invite the public to join in the plaza dances.  There will also be Basque music, choral and instrumental, modern and traditional.  The street will be dressed in the colors of the Argentine flag and the Ikurriña during the parade hundreds of students form the Euskal Echea College will walk to the sounds of the Tamborrada formed by several Basque clubs.

There will also be sports exhibitions, rural sports provided by the Basque club in Gral. La Heras and soccer with Athletic fans.  At the stands, there will be Basque dishes for all tastes and if this wasn’t enough, there will also be cooking master classes.  Also genealogy, publications, Euskera, radio…

In less than 48 hours, another BAC will begin on Avenida de Mayo between Bolivar and Chacbuco.  Following the updated program provided by organizers at the Laurak Bat Basque Club.

Music on the Main Stage:
-Lagun Onak Choir
-Txistulari Band

Danzas on the Main Stage:
-Laurak Bat from Buenos Aires
-Euzko Etxea from La Plata
-Zingirako Euskaldunak from Chascomús
-Denak Bat from Cañuelas
-Denak Bat from Lomas de Zamora
-Euskal Echea Schools
-Toki Eder from José C. Paz
-Denak Bat from Mar del Plata
-Unión Vasca from Bahía Blanca
-Zazpirak Bat from Rosario
-Euzko Etxea from Necochea
-Ekin Dantzari Taldea from Buenos Aires
-Euskaldunak Denak Bat from Arrecifes
-Beti Aurrera from Chivilcoy
-Guillermo Larregui from Chacabuco
-Euskaltzaleak from Buenos Aires
-Euzkal Etxea from San Nicolás
-Lagun Onak from Pergamino
-Anaitasuna from Maipu

Institutional Representation:
-Basque Government Delegation in Argentina, Delegate Sara Pagola and Director of the Basque Community Abroad, Gorka Alvarez Aranburu
-Government of Navarre
-Association Euskal Echea
-Fe Co Ba- Basque Business Chamber of Argentina
-Peña Athletic (raffles for t-shirts, autographs etc.)

Culture, News and Dissemination:
-Txikien Txokoa-Children’s corner. Games and prizes for children
-Athletic de Bilbao Peña (raffles)
-Open Radio with interviews and news
-Iparraldeko Euskal Etxea, exhibition of Basque farmhouses

Cooking Class:
classes and tasting by Itziar aguirre (Zazpirak Bat in Rosario) and Lenadoro “Koko” Egozkue (from Burzako Restaurant); Mariano Visus (Amalur and Lekeitio Restaurants) and Eduardo Oliveto from Laurak Bat.

15 Basque Restaurants
Restaurant Agustín Muñiz
Restaurant Amalur
Restaurant Burzako
Restaurant Rosario Basque Club
Restaurant El Txoko de Natxo
Restaurant Getxo
Restaurant Indarra
Restaurant Lekeitio
Restaurant Nafarroa
Restaurant Sagardi
Restaurant Sebastián Gomez
Restaurant Iñaki Uriburu
Truck Café Martinez
Truck Eusebia Ochoa
Truck Izozkiak - helados

-El Mundo (Dairy products)
-Eusko Denda Laurak Bat (Basque store)
-Euskaltzaleak Denda (Basque store)
-Andrea Meana (Typical clothing)
-Virginia Laorden (crafts)
-Silvia Azpiazu (silversmith)
-Adrián Castells (crafts)
-Gure Gutiziak (conservas y embutidos)
-Alpargatas and txapelas Granalla
-Euskal Herria Tour 2019 (Tourism)
-EH! (Euskal Herria) Trip! (Tourism)
-Mundaka Basque store
--Embutidos María Laura Ferrari
-J&J (souvenirs)

Organizers will update the program on its Facebook Page Buenos Aires Celebrates the Basque Country – Laurak Bat.

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