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Antzinako is digitizing birth and marriage documents from Navarre prior to 1900


Restoration of historic documents at the General Archive of Navarre (photo Antzinako)
Restoration of historic documents at the General Archive of Navarre (photo Antzinako)


The Basque genealogist association Antzinako does a great job in the study and diffusion of documental resources and genealogical archives in the Basque Country. Its website provides very useful information, including online sources where you can obtain information such as the parish archives of Araba, Bizkaia and Gipuzkoa. Regarding Nafarroa, these sources aren’t yet digitized, but Antzinako is uploading information to its website on births, marriages, and houses in various towns in Navarre that go back, in some cases, to 1599.

Donostia-San Sebastian.  The Antzinako Association is a huge resource for information and guidance for those who want to delve into their genealogy or who are researching their origins.  In this article we gather some of the archives that may be useful for those who are working on their family trees.  For instance, to look for information on people born before 1900 in Bizkaia, Gipuzkoa or Araba, all you have to do is access the diocesan archives of Euskadi that has digitized this information:


Regarding Iparralde, this information can be obtained from:

And in regards to Nafarroa, the archive of the Diocese of Nafarroa is not online, but if you know the dates then you can ask for the documentation in question at:

Nafarroa on Antzinako

Now, do you know that birth date that you are looking for? That is how you enter Antzinako, now working hard to digitize the archives of births, marriages and even names of houses in various towns in Navarre.  This archive is now available on Antzinako’s website: here.

The archive includes information on nearly 30 towns in Nafarroa from Aldatz to Zutza.  The information in some cases is very old.  The latest updates include baptisms in Echagüe (Oloriz) from 1599 to 1847 and baptisms in Ezpos (Arce) from 1609 to 1898.

How to use it

To use this archive, Antzinako provides a series of guidelines on its website.  To begin you need to indicate the town that you are interested in, then for anyone wanting to see the registers you need to click on “Chronologically.”

Anyone looking for a surname should choose “interrogation” and write the surname (it allows for asterisks).  After locating the desired information and dates of the documents needed, all you have to do is email the Diocese of Navarre Archive.


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