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Alicia Itcea Basque teacher from Gral. Rodriguez is honored by the City at the Women’s Day event


Alicia Itcea, one of the honorees at the 2018 Women’s Day event in Gral. Rodríguez
Alicia Itcea, one of the honorees at the 2018 Women’s Day event in Gral. Rodríguez


The city of Gral. Rodriguez held a tribute on Women’s Day in the city’s main plaza.  The person honored by the Basque community was Alicia Itcea who has spent years at the local club learning, teaching and spreading the "lingua navarrorum.” The local Basque club also announced a talk on Saturday about Basque musical instructs and on Holy Friday, they will sell calamari as a fundraiser.

Gral. Rodríguez, Argentina. We spoke with the new president of Eusko Aterpea, Juan Itcea, who takes over after the two year term of Raul Taretto. The two usually alternate as the club’s president since Taretto service during the 2014-2016 term. Itcea told that the board has been working hard to organize through the end of the year. As such, tomorrow, March 17th, there will be a talk by Matias Marcos who participated in the 2017 Gaztemundu program about traditional Basque instruments, along with offering a txalaparta workshop all taking place at the clubhouse. The event will begin at 5pm.

Before talking about the Women’s Day events, remember that as usual the club will be cooking calamari Bizkaian style on Holy Friday to sell to members and friends. Portions need to be ordered ahead of time by calling: 0237-2851284, 0237-485-3645 or 011-15-6099-7042, and can be picked up at the clubhouse beginning at 8:30pm. Cost of each order is $130. As usual, the process will go to support the club’s various activities.

This year’s activities will include an Aberri Eguna celebration, with various talks, and in April Euskera and Basque culture classes will resume.

On March 8th the world participated in multiple activities to commemorate International Women’s Day.  In the city of Gral. Rodriguez, the mayor honored 50 women for their roles in the community.  As part of the Basque community, the woman honored was Alicia Itcea, from the Eusko Aterpea Basque Club.  She is very well known int he area for teaching Basque andr her training as part of the Euskara Munduan Program.  Outside of the community, Alicia also worked in public administration in the town. congratulates her on this hour and would like to share her excitement with its readers.  “I am sincerely happy and humbled and would like to thank my beloved Eusko Aterpea Basque Club, that we have seen be born and grow from our contributions.  This is a space that I share with my sister Maricarmen and brother Juan and his family.  I began down a path at Eusko Aterpea in 2000 that has much to do with our mother tongue, Euskera, that has taken us to beautiful places.  During the Barnetegis, intensive Basque courses, we visited cities and towns in our country and in Uruguay; we also travelled once to Euskal Herria, to Maizpide, and to Baztan, where our grandparents were from.  That is how we met people and landscapes that i treasure in the red velvet bag of my heart.” 

“As a citizen of this town, i’ve seen it grow, and become a city; I studied, and worked in public administration; my son and my entire family also grew, studied and worked here.  I have many loved ones and acquainted, and unforgettable neighbors…now that I’m retired I enjoy visiting  the everyday places, surrounded in the scents, and colors of fall.  In regards to this unbelievable recognition, emotion and joy blend in my dreams of continuing with the Basque language and Argentine culture and Basque culture until my torch is bequeathed to my beloved descendants,” said Alicia.

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