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Aita Antton will broadcast what would have been the Bakersfield Basque Picnic Mass this Sunday in Basque and English


Aita Antton (Franciscan priest) says mass every Sunday in Basque and English in California as well as the Rosary every day
Aita Antton (Franciscan priest) says mass every Sunday in Basque and English in California as well as the Rosary every day


Bakersfield, California, USA. On the Basque calendar this weekend marks the Bakersfield Basque Picnic organized by the Kern County Basque Club.  With the current situation provoked by the pandemic, the annual event has been cancelled.  Nevertheless, as previously with the Fresno and Los Banos picnics, Aita Antton Egiguren will say mass on Sunday for anyone wishing to tune in.  Mass is a traditional part of most Basque picnics in the US.

Maria Bernal Toretta, member of the board of directors of the Kern County Basque Club sent a message to club members with the following: “It is hard to believe that the picnic would have been this Sunday.  Every time I go out to the club to check on things it makes me sad.  We have a beautiful club, park, and handball court that are empty.  Who would have ever thought this would be happening?  I truly feel an emptiness in me without our annual Basque celebration and getting to see our community come together.  I miss the enthusiasm for our culture, kissing on two cheeks, the delicious food and drinks, and FUN!”

In regard to mass, as usual every Sunday, Aita Antton Egiguren, Basque chaplain in the United States will celebrate mass live from his parish in Merced that will include prayers and petitions specifically for Bakersfield.  It will take place at its normal time, 9:00am local time, or 6pm in Euskal Herria on the St. Patrick’s Parish and Our Lady of Mercy’s Facebook page.

Missal for this Sunday’s mass with songs, and readings, here.

-09:00am with Fr. Antton in Basque/English
-11:00am with Fr. Antton in Spanish
-01:00pm with Fr. John in English

Don’t forget that Aita Antton also prays the rosary in Basque and English every day at 7:30pm.  Here is yesterday’s:

-The initiative is supported by Artzain Ona, the Basque Catholic Association in US.  It is also on Facebook.

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