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Affected and halted by the pandemic, the Iparraldeko Euskal Etxea in Buenos Aires holds elections


The Iparraldeko Euskal Etxea in Buenos Aires was founded in the capital city in 1895
The Iparraldeko Euskal Etxea in Buenos Aires was founded in the capital city in 1895


Buenos Aires, Argentina. The Iparraldeko Euskal Etxea in Buenos Aires or Centro Vasco Frances was founded in 1895 and it held its General Assembly on September 14th at its clubhouse.  The situation caused by the pandemic strongly affected the club who have seen all of its cultural events cancelled since the beginning of the lock down.

The event followed COVID-19 protocols.  The assembly registered a lower participation, although there were enough to hold the event, and proceed with business and board elections according to club statutes.

The new board of directors is comprised of the following:

-President: Roberto M. Plorutti Etchegoyen
-Vice-president: Federico S. Baldou
-Secretary: Norma Beatriz Ríos
-Pro-secretary: Ignacio Montiel
-Treasurer: Oscar Pandelo
-Pro-treasurer: Néstor Pandelo

-Franco Landaburu
-Carlos Bordagaray
-Juan Carlos Ibarrola
-Rosa Isabel Misciagna
-Jorge Alejandro Trimarco
-Jorge Beramendi

-Julio José Paolini
-Andrés Velasco
-Juan Vido
-Emilia Greco Fernández
-Mikel Ezkerro
-Guillermo M. López

-Omar R. Raggio
-Juan C. Reboreda

-Luis R. Baldou
-Alesio Bereciartu
-Hugo Armando Tito

-Carlos A. Prosperi
-Mariano Espina
-Guillermo Revora

A very cordial message of encouragement to those who make up Iparraldeko, with the sincere wish that this period of black and white ends as soon as possible, and that color returns as soon as possible to the chronicle of activities.  Cheer up eta Aitzina! Besarkada!

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