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Aberri Eguna in the Diaspora: Will be celebrated in April although some Basque clubs will do so in May


Aberri Eguna 2019 in Cordoba, Argentina
Aberri Eguna 2019 in Cordoba, Argentina


Donostia-San Sebastián. Aberri Eguna, or Day of the Basque Homeland, is celebrated on Easter Sunday, this year April 21st, and as every year, some Basque clubs celebrate on that day.  However, in other cases, Euskal Etxeas celebrate either before or after depending on their local traditions.  This year Basque clubs in Argentina in Cañuelas, Pergamino, Posadas and Gerora in Cordoba already celebrated, but the majority of clubs will do so in the coming weeks.

Some of the Aberri Eguna 2019 celebrations planned. If you want to add your club, please let us know by writing us here

April 21

-Eusko Etxea of New York: celebration at their clubhouse on Eckford Street, music, song, lunch and Aberri Eguna address.

-Euzko Etxea in Necochea: Festivities will be on Easter Sunday with a wreath being laid at the Tree of Gernika, mass and txikiteo at the club.

-Gure Etxe Maitea in Olavarria: The Basque club will participate in the mass celebrated at the Church of San Jose and after mass, there will be Basque dancing at the Coronel Olavarria Plaza.

-Euskal Elkartea in London: Aberri Eguna lunch with the following menu: marmitako, croquetas, salad, dessert, coffee and wine. There will be music, dancing and mus.

-Haize Hegoa in Montevideo: In the Capital of Uruguay the Haize Hegoa Basque Club will have lunch at the clubhouse with typical dishes served.

-Euskal Etxea in Caracas: Raising the flags, national anthems. The local Basque club will have a lunch on Easter Sunday “as it has since the arrival of the first exiles in 1939, 80 years ago,” club sources say.

-Valenciako Eusko Etxea in Carabobo: Their program begins at noon with mass, the raising of the Ikurriña and the Venezuelan flag and lunch at 1pm.

April 27

-Laurak Bat in Buenos Aires: The club will celebrate Aberri Eguna with food and dancing after the General Assembly that will name Uxue Barkos, President of Navarre, and Lehendakari Iñigo Urkullu as Honorary club members.  More information, here.

April 28

-Euzko Etxea in Santiago, Chile. Mass with the Basque choir, dantzaris with flags, celebration at the clubhouse and Aberri Eguna lunch

-Unión Vasca in Bahía Blanca: The club will celebrate with lunch.  Prior to the meal, children will draw Ikurriñas.

-Toki Eder in José C. Paz: The Day of the Basque Homeland will be celebrated with lunch at the clubhouse.

-Denak Bat in Mendoza: There will be lunch for Aberri Eguna and during lunch, members that have passed away will be honored including Vicente Lezea, Martin Greño, Irene Garate and Alicia Aguirre.

-Euzko Alkartasuna in Macachín. The regional Mus Tournament will be part of the celebration April 26-28. On Saturday, there will also be a pintxo pote and lunch for all on Sunday.

-Eusko Alkartasuna in Sao Pablo: They will celebrate with a gathering and lunch on Sunday the 28th at their clubhouse on Gernika Kuttun

May 5

Eusko Aterpea in Gral. Rodríguez: The club will celebrate its 20th Aberri Eguna event and lunch.

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