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2012 Basque club grant application period has opened; deadline for applications is February 29th


Necochea's Basque club in Argentina
Necochea's Basque club in Argentina


The Basque Government has published the call for Basque club grant applications for 2012 in its official bulletin. This year the amount of total available funds is 1,234,667 Euros. All programs and activities that these funds are destined for need to take place during the 2012 year, concluding by December 31st. The deadline for grant applications is February 29, 2012.

Vitoria-Gasteiz.  The Secretary General of Foreign Action of the Basque Government published the resolution that opens that grant application period for Basque centers, clubs, federations and confederations of Basque clubs for the 2012 year today, December 21st, in its official bulletin. 

Eligible expenses 

In the area of “Running Expenses and Activity Organization” eligible expenses include: operating costs, as well as the cost of specific annual nonprofit activities preferably in the following areas: youth, women, trade marketing, communication, and the recuperation of historical memory.  Eligible expenses for operations and maintenance of Basque centers can not exceed the cost of activities, and are limited to 50% of the grant. 

In the area of “Infrastructure Expense and Equipment” eligible expenses include infrastructure and equipment costs prioritized in the following manner: 

-Settlement of damage caused by disasters.
-Elimination of architectural barriers.
-Building of new Basque center headquarters.
-Adapting space for young people.
-Introduction of technologies for the development of activities for youth and women.   

Place and deadline for submission 

Grant applications should conform to the standard model that is attached as per annex I in the resolution.  Requests shall be addressed and or be delivered to the Presidency of the Government-Lehendakaritza, Secretary General for Foreign Action, c / Navarra, #2, 01007 Vitoria-Gasteiz, or to the delegations of Euskadi, in the countries where they are found. 

They may also be presented in other forms as indicated by article 38.4 Law 30/1992 of November 26th, of the Legal Regime of Public Administration and in the Common Administrative Procedure, as per the wording of the law 4/1999 of January 13th.

Deadline for applications is February 29, 2012.


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