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15th Anniversary of Hator Hona; the Euzko Etxea in Necochea invites everyone to participate in the program


Hator Hona 2019
Hator Hona 2019


Necochea, Argentina. The invitation is aimed to 90 youth who have traveled to Argentina since 2004 as part of the Hator Hona Program organized by the Euzko Etxea in Necochea.  The idea is to carry out some of the usual workshops on dance and music, but above all to accommodate new proposals in Basque, dance , music…The 15th edition of  themfirming their attendance, some of with family members and friends.

“Despite the number of years that have passed since the beginning of the program, the response has been really good!  Of course not everyone can come, many would like to, but can’t due to work or family obligations. Others because they were just here…Whatever the case, there are several who have already confirmed that they’ll come with family and friends so that this will be a mega Hator Hona that will conclude with a huge San Ignazio celebration,” Juanchi Yacomini and Marcial Agostini Zubillaga organizers explained.

During their stay in Necochea, visitors will be welcomed as usual in the homes of club members.  “We think that it will be a great gathering, so we have included not just the youth, but the entire Basque club in its organization,” they added.

Every year, the Basque club creates original materials to invite and spread the program: this year’s video, along with the campaign of the mysterious cabezudos, isn’t just original and exciting but also expresses the club’s commitment to this project.

[Video created to advertise the 15th edition of Hator Hona]

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