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Mercedes Belaustegui

Mercedes Belaustegui
Mercedes Belaustegui: Remembrance from her daughter Lizet

01/07/2022 - New York, USA

Euzko Etxea of New York reports with sadness:

It's with a sadness to inform you, Mercedes Belaustegui, passed away yesterday.  She was an extraordinary woman who touched the hearts of many. She leaves behind her two daughters Lizet Belaustegui and Lisa Belaustegui. 

She was a longstanding active member of Euzko Etxea of New York alongside our father, Luis Belaustegui.  She had many friends at Euzko Etxea of New York and was well-loved. 

May she Rest in Peace. Agur Mercedes maitia.

From her family:

It is with heavy heart and much sadness that I have to inform you of the passing of our beautiful mother, Mercedes Belaustegui yesterday. 

Mercedes was a wife, mother, die hard Red Bull NY and Athletic soccer fan.

Always with a smile and infectious positive attitude she was welcoming and always wanted to lend a hand.

No task was too small but meant the world to others.

She will be greatly missed as she was able to touch so many lives through her work and personal life.

A true super hero even in the most adverse times.

Goian Bego (GB) - May She Rest in Peace 

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