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Conference "The Civil War in Enkarterri"


Enkarterri Museoa inaugurated on June 2 an exhibition with 70 illustrations of newspapers of different ideologies during the War of 1936 and a conference about this period in Bizkaia.

The president of the Parliament of Bizkaia, Ana Otadui, inaugurated at eleven thirty in the morning the exhibition 'Cartoonists at war. 1936-1939'. The historian and illustrator Aline Soberon and the historian Txema Uriarte are the authors of this exhibition that aims to "reflect the warlike conflict from another point of view". Each of the 70 illustrations has been redrawn by Aline Soberon, respecting the original technique. The exhibition will remain open until October 14.

At 11:30, the museum hosted the congress 'Civil War in Enkarterri' organized by the Enkarterri Museum with the presence - among others - of the researchers Aitor Miñambres, Xabier Irujo and Jone M. Gil, who spoke about the War of 1936 in this region of Bizkaia. Xabier Irujo spoke about the German, Italian and Spanish air forces' terror bombing campaign in Enkarterri.

Congress Planing

11:30 Inauguration of the exhibition "Cartoonists in war. 1936-1939 "and congress" Civil War in Las Encartaciones"
12:30 Aitor Miñambres. Civil War in Enkarterri
13:15 Jone M. Gil. Patrimony of the Civil War.
13:30 Xabier Irujo. Terror Bombing Campaign in Enkarterri

14:15 Break

15:00 Juan T. Sáez Iturbe "Pikizu". Enkarterri. Historical memory
15:30 Txomin Etxebarria. Balmaseda. 1936-1937
16:00 Nagore Orella. Galdames. Summer rain
16:30 Javier de la Colina. Sopuerta The war according to their dead

17:00 PM Break

17:30 Josu Gallarreta. Zalla A battle of ten days
18:00 Tasio Munarriz. Portugalete. War and postwar
18:30 Koldo López Grandoso. Barakaldo. Eleven months of resistance
19:00 J.I.R. Waiter. Ortuella. Victims of war

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