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Toni (Murelaga) Achabal

Toni (Murelaga) Achabal
Mary Antonia (Toni) Murelaga Achabal

2020/07/30 - Boise, AEB

2020ko uztailaren 30ean hil da Boisen, goizeko 8:45etan. Simon Achabalen alarguna.

Alabak, Lisa (Marc) Norton eta euren umeak Bo eta Abi; Julia (Curt) Erskine eta euren ume Lexi; eta Tere (Carl) Papapietro eta euren umeak, Lili and Xavi; eta askoz ere ahaide eta lagun gehiago Euskal Herrian zein Estatu Batuetan.

Hona Idaho Statesman, argitaratutako bere heriotz-oharra:

Mary Antonia (Toni) Murelaga Achabal

December 29, 1939 ~ July 30, 2020

Mary Antonia (Toni) Murelaga Achabal was born on December 29, 1939 in Elko, Nevada. Born into the Basque community, she was lovingly adopted by her father- Antonio Murelaga and her mother- Rosa M Jayo Murelaga. She joined her husband in heaven on July 30, 2020.

Mama was brought to Boise, Idaho to live within a loving community of Basques. She lived with her family and extended family in the same household. This beautiful closeness imparted on her a generational love and support of family and friends.

She was a graduate of St. Teresa's Academy (class of '57) where she made many life-long friends that she considered family. She then attended Gonzaga University for one year but was uncertain on a professional path, so she decided to return home. Upon her return she joined a Catholic Youth group, Cabrini Club where she continued to grow and nurture both new and old relationships. In time she worked for Beal Pipe and Tank and later for the Idaho Cattlemen's Association.

It was during these years that she rekindled some old friendships with a tight-knit group of American-Basques and a very cute foreigner (her future husband).

In 1960, this group decided to travel to Europe. It was during their time in the Basque Country that they met a dance group from San Sebastian by the name "Oinkari". This group taught the band of friends a few dances to take back to the U.S. Shortly thereafter the Boise version of the Oinkari dancers was born.

In addition, this trip sparked a love between mom and dad. How could mom reuse this handsome man's flirtation as he serenaded her from the roof of a car! (Maritxu Nora Zoas). Simon was the lucky man to have caught Mom's eye. They dated for about three years before being married in August of 1967. Together they raised three daughters. Later in life she was overjoyed to realize that she had blood connection to close family friends. Learning of this brought her great pleasure.

Mama was not only creative, artistic, musical and athletic, she was also courageous and willing to try just about anything.

She was a part of a few different groups that helped establish some deep roots within her culture and community.

She was founding member of Aiztan Artean, Basque women's organization that has helped spark young Basque women to gather and support the local community. She was a consummate volunteer. She helped grow St Mark's Catholic Grade School; founded the school library, hot lunch program, and concessions for sporting events. She was a driving member of the St. Mark's community. She enjoyed many things in life but among her greatest loves was family and friends – and making sure those family and friends were well fed.

Mom had an overwhelming generosity and ability to love. She made strong personal connections with ease that stood the test of time. We were all lucky to know her and she never hesitated to share her gratitude for knowing you.

Thank you to all the friends and family that were a huge part of Mom's life. Under hospice care, her final days at home were filled with love, laughter and happiness. During the last weeks of her life she deeply appreciated the visits and phone calls and sharing memories of the past. She would often say "I am so happy that I could live like this forever".

Mom was preceded in death by her husband Simon, and both of her parents Antonio and Rose; granddaughter Itzar Papapietro.

She is survived by her daughters Lisa (Marc) Norton and their children Bo and Abi; Julia (Curt) Erskine and their child Lexi; and Tere (Carl) Papapietro and their children Lili and Xavi; her nephew Steve (Carmen) Achabal and their children Ava and Ander; Mary (Joe) Guerricabeitia and many other relatives both in the U.S and in the Basque Country.

In observation of current CDC guidelines services will be with immediate family.

In lieu of flowers, please send memorials to either Euzkaldunak, the Basque Museum and Cultural Center, or to the Oinkari Basque Dancers.

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