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Los Angeles: Cafe Basque Opening at the Hoxton Hotel in Mid-Summer (en What Now Los Angeles)


Chicago's Boka Restaurant Group will open the restaurant in late July


Joey Reams. A brand new Basque cooking restaurant called Café Basque is coming to Downtown Los Angeles, located at 1060 S Broadway.

The new restaurant will take over the entire ground floor of the Hoxton hotel, taking over the lobby bar, coffee shop, and restaurant area that was once the home of Sibling Rival. Chicago’s Boka Restaurant Group will own and operate the space, as well as Stephanie Izard’s Cabra on the building’s rooftop. The hospitality group is also partnering for Chicago’s forthcoming Le Select, expected to open in mid- to late-summer. Café Basque will open in late July, “perhaps in phases, but always offering something throughout the day.”

Although Boka will be in charge of the building, New York City’s Le Coucou chef Daniel Rose will bring French Basque cooking to the restaurant. Guests can expect chicken long-stewed with Espelette pepper; green peppers stuffed with shallots, rice, and cinnamon; and grilled duck breast with vine clippings and cherries, according to Los Angeles Times. This will be Rose’s first restaurant on the West Coast and only his second in the United States. This will also be the first time the France-based chef will shape a restaurant around Basque cooking.

“I am addicted, in some ways, to this notion of bringing the French way to different places,” Rose said in an interview with Los Angeles Times. “I think that there are great cities in the world that have a tremendous amount of character, a tremendous amount of diversity, that have a different way of looking at the world — and I find that absolutely thrilling.”

Born and raised in Illinois, Rose spent much of his career in France, eventually enrolling in the Institut Paul Bocuse. The chef returned to America and opened Le Coucou in New York in 2016 to immediate fanfare. Eventually, Rose earned a Michelin star for its high-end, traditional French cuisine. Now, Rose is getting ready to open a new restaurant in the heart of Los Angeles.

“I thought, ‘What is it about Basque cooking that fits with Los Angeles?’ For me, California is defined by the sunshine, in some ways,” he said. “There are a few places in France where there’s a Cuisine du Soleil, [or] ‘cooking from the sunshine.’ In my brain it would be weird to cook things from Normandie in Southern California, but there are natural places already in France that have this tradition of Cuisine du Soleil.”

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