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he Basque House in Bordeaux, a real landmark for Basques “on the go” (en



La Maison Basque is located in the St Pierre district of Bordeaux, wedged between an alley and a small square where evenings colored red can be long and happy. It is a benchmark for finding good Basque products throughout the year, and good advice for discovering this terroir with a strong temperament. Mountains and ocean, to offer those who know how to observe, taste and take their time, the best of the land or merroir.

In this House, everyone tells about their Basque country, everyone often experiences it around a glass of cider or Basque beer, and often also around a good dish. Before confinement, the cook was still, Jean-Pierre Etchebest, the retired Chef liked to come back behind the stove to match the members of the association. Basque blogger Thomas Galharague had to tell you about this place where pintxos await you at the end of the day.

Thomas Galharague: Who says Maison Basque, says restaurant with its classics like the famous Talo (corn pancake garnished with belly and sheep), pintxos, and the board the classic cold meats / cheeses. For the sweet moment, the sweets from Paries with their ice cream or the famous Basque cake with cream or cherry …

At the Basque House of Bordeaux
– @Thomas_Galharague

All this live from the Basque Country. To discover the Basque House, go to 7, rue du Palais de L’ombrière in Bordeaux. Behind the house, a Basque square like in Bayonne in the shade of the trees to enjoy a beautiful terrace under the trees and enjoy a moment in Euskal Herria. Orestobask: Thursday to Saturday 11:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. and 6 p.m. to 11 p.m.

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