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National Geographic has launched Elkano and the first world news agenda in Basque (en


For the first time, National Geographic has published Basque content; The 2020 agenda has been published in Basque, focusing on the Basque sailor Juan Sebastián Elkano and his first tour around the world. The magazine also published two articles on circumnavigation in the September and October issues.


On this trip that took place 500 years ago, the Basque language also reached the world, as it was one of the languages ​​spoken on these ships. The publication has been sponsored by the Elkano 500 Foundation and has been supported by the cabinet of the General Deputy of the Provincial Government of Gipuzkoa. 5,000 copies of the agenda have been published in Basque and are available for sale in kiosks and bookstores.

The Foundation, in order to disseminate and disseminate its history, has collaborated with National Geographic on the basis of "rigor and scientific dissemination". Week after week, the teams on the trip that had changed their perspective of the world had to travel and received 160 pages of incidents, illustrating various images and plans.

The agenda recalls the milestones of the trip, recovers the testimonies of chroniclers who reported on the expedition and reveals the participation of all the countries involved in the first world tour.

The Foundation wanted to highlight the culture of a town linked to the sea, through Getaria and Getaria; Being the guiding thread of the history of a city, the sea has shaped a social model and a specific lifestyle for men and women.

In fact, during these long journeys of the Middle Ages and the Modern Age, sailors generally packed not only their clothes, tools and musical instruments, but also their beliefs, customs and languages. Thus, the Basque language also traveled the world with thousands of Basque sailors and fishermen.

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