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Magellan, Elcano and the first circumnavigation of the globe — the 500th anniversary (en The Times)


A crew set off into the unknown on what turned out to be a three-year voyage plagued by starvation, scurvy and mutiny, writes Isabella Bengoechea

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Today, a small group of volunteers will embark in a sailing boat from Seville on a three-year journey to commemorate one of the most momentous events in history.

August 10 marks 500 years since an expedition to discover new trade routes to the Spice Islands set off from Spain: a voyage that was to last 1,123 days and culminate in the first circumnavigation of the globe, changing the world for ever.

It is an extraordinary tale of hardship and deprivation, mutiny and tragedy. Of the five ships and 239 men (some historians put this figure at 270) that set forth under the command of the Portuguese explorer Ferdinand Magellan, only one ship and 18 men returned more than three years later.

History books often erroneously…

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