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Anthony "Tony" Ayerza

Anthony "Tony" Ayerza
Anthony "Tony" Ayerza con su mujer Joann en foto de archivo

11/05/2022 - San Francisco, EEUU

Líneas difundidas por nuestra buena amiga Patricia Ayerza a través de Facebook:

The Ayerza Family of California suffered an immeasurable loss yesterday. My cousin, my Dad's first cousin, Anthony ("Tony") Ayerza, Sr, the surviving Patriarch of our Family, passed at UCSF Hospital in San Francisco.

He was the son of Juan Ayerza of Errezil, Gipuzkoa and Grace Ansolabehere of Banka, Lower Navarre, two Basque immigrants.

He spoke Basque fluently, and was very active in Basque cultural activities, and very proud of his Basque heritage.

He was kind, gentle, generous, and always had a big smile for everyone.

He loved kids and they adored him: always a funny joke for us all.

He never had a bad word for or about anyone.

He was brilliant, with a very talented mechanically-oriented genius.

We will miss him very much.

Here he is pictured with his beautiful wife, Joann, several years ago.

I'm very glad that Bill and I had the chance to talk with him just a few days ago and tell him how much we loved him.

Lux Aeterna, Tony! We love you very much. You will be very missed.

Goian Bego (GB) - May Rest in Peace

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