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Potato Omelette Contest at Euskal Etxea and Txosna Night, with music, pintxos, kalimotxo, kubatak...


Where: Brussels, Belgium

Potato Omelette Tournament by & at Bruselako Euskal Etxea and Txosna Night, with music, pintxos, kalimotxo, kubatak...

Registration is free and is done by sending an email to The contest is personal, no teams, but one person can present several tortillas by making several inscriptions. There is no age limit.

Ingredients: The tortillas will have between 5 and 8 eggs, and potatoes, oil of choice and onions will be optional. That is to say, a classic tortilla. Tortillas with txorizo, ham cheese, or others will not be accepted in the contest.

Presentation : On the day of the competition, the doors of BEE will open at 5:00pm, presentation of tortillas until 18h. At the entrance, each participant will receive a number per tortilla in two copies, one to be displayed on the tortilla and the other to be kept carefully. Any entrant arriving late will lose the right to participate in the contest.

Participants donate their tortilla to the BEE. The participating tortillas will be offered by pintxos during the evening.

Price. 1st prize. Winner Txapela. Copy of the BEE cookbook. Cut oak leaf. Meal for two at the restaurant Casa Miguel. 2nd prize. Apron of the BEE. Copy of the BEE cookbook. Consolation prize. The participant presenting the less-rated tortilla will receive a copy of the BEE book.

The jury will be composed of chefs from renowned Basque restaurants in Brussels. The tortillas will be rated from 1 to 5 on these aspects: Presentation. Texture. Taste. No salt. General opinion. A pintxo of each tortilla will be reserved for the tasting by the jury, and the rest will be shared later. If two or more tortillas receive the same punctuation competing for first or second place, the President of the BEE will have an extraordinary point to award. The jury will not have access to the list of tortilla numbers in relation to the names of the participants.

Came, taste and enjoy!

Bruselako Euskal Etxea

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